What we do

WEBSITES. How we work

1 Definition

We speak to you, advise you, define the scope of the project, detect your needs. In short, we understand you.

  1. 2 Creation

    Internal definition meetings, brainstorming, sector analysis, choosing the best ideas, creating wireframes and design proposals to find the most appropriate graphic style.

  2. 3 Design

    We create the entire graphic style and make all the designs in all necessary formats, working with mobile first and adaptive design techniques.

  3. 4

    Each template is designed from scratch and all the personalised requirements are programmed and integrated into a content management system, together with the content of your website.

  4. 5 Testing and optimisation

    Once developed, a series of tests are carried out to ensure that everything works perfectly. Compatibility with different browsers, testing on mobile devices, web performance, usability, accessibility, etc.

  5. 6 Training

    We will explain how to use content management tools and techniques, so you will be able to autonomously maintain and enlarge your website as well as supplying you with the criteria to use it -the SEO, and other useful concepts.

  6. 7 Launch

    Finally, we will publish the website online and you will be able to maintain it and control its contents and structure.

8 Monitoring, maintenance and improvements

A website should be alive. Therefore, we recommend you monitor it, implementing a process of continual improvement, so as never to become obsolete, or carrying out targeted interventions as the web grows and evolves.

Tools such as web analytics, heatmaps and other analysis techniques will be very useful in this phase.