Digital communication and strategy

A website alone is not enough...

Corporate communication is getting more and more complex, new channels and new disciplines appear, which are not very well known by users.

The role of social networks, for example, has become important and must be taken into account in a digital strategy.

Can Antaviana can help you define and promote a global network presence strategy.

Digital strategy

We can help you design your global presence, to incorporate and understand the resources and dynamics of social media, to participate coherently and effectively in the Web.

As a part of the definition of your digital strategy, some of the services we can offer you are:

  • Digital communication plans
  • Content strategy
  • Brand online reputation studies
  • Training and advice in the use of social networks

Advice on social network presence

The role of social networks has become key to a company´s communication strategy. We can help you define your presence in these media, to find the right tone for conversation, to find new public and attract new users to your website.

Some of our staff are experts in social media, active and popular users of the networks. We can offer advice because we know what works and what does not.

Content creation (Copywriting)

Well-designed content is a key element of your digital strategy. Can Antaviana can help you find the right tone and editorial line for your digital environment.

We will ensure that it is aligned with the digital strategy of your company and we will advise you on the best ways to disseminate it, if necessary.

Our workforce is also able to create relevant and attractive content for your organization, with texts, images and videos.

Analysis and optimisation

We can monitor and analyse the behaviour of your website and your presence in the social media to define new strategies or verify if your current strategy is aligned with your objectives.

The services and solutions that can arise from this analysis of metrics are the following:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media optimisation (SMO)
  • Adwords campaigns to position your organization and open it up to new international markets
  • Or simply to reassess your communication channels.


We have a lot of experience in creating newsletters, including the design and layout as well as adaptive layout, operation and management of delivery tools.

We can advise you if you wish to handle your communication with an electronic newsletter or we can improve the design and operation of your current newsletter.

Creation of banners and ads

As a part of your communication strategy or for marketing campaigns, we can create all the publicity elements needed. Not only designing, but also programming, regardless of the extent of our creative and graphic intervention.

Graphic design

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Graphic design