Drawings worth more than a thousand words

Illustrations display ideas and concepts in a graphic and attractive manner.

Our designers have mastered the art of Illustration and can make your ideas come to life through illustrated messages, which can also be animated.

Drawings made for the Timetable Reform in Catalonia.
Campanya de Sensibilització sobre el Ciberassetjament. Il·lustracions per a FAPAC, DINCAT, AFAEC i Departament d'Ensenyament.

Why is an illustration useful?

  • To make messages that are complex in text form easier to understand
  • To summarise long texts graphically
  • To accompany texts on a website or publicity messages in analogical format
  • To generate summary documents in infographic format


Infographics are a type of digital illustration that has become very popular lately.

They are easy to disseminate and share. They are also an excellent way to communicate complex messages and concepts.

Here at Can Antaviana we are experts in creating infographics. Take a look.

Drawings made for the Blood and Tissue Bank. Explanation of the process for extracting blood.
Cover of the magazine AraLleida, published by the Provincial Council of Lleida.
Illustrations for the Bmapapp, for the City Council of Barcelona.
Fundació Somni dels nens.Il·lustracions per a la web corporativa

Do you like our illustrations? Do you have any in mind?

Contact us and we can speak about them