An intranet is a collection of internal tools based on web technologies.

A well-made intranet will help your organisation to be more efficient and better connected.

What is the use of an intranet?

  • To organise all the organisation’s documentation properly and facilitate the search for information
  • To make corporate communication and internal communication more efficient
  • To handle procedures better and eliminate paper and manual systems
  • To integrate tools, workflows and information so as to increase a productivity
  • To involve the staff and reinforce teamwork
  • To reduce costs, save time and money
  • To enrich the corporate culture

What are the intranets made by Can Antaviana like?

Customised design and user-centred

Like everything we do, Antaviana creates intranets with a refined design, user-centred and customised. We want the intranet to be a central part of your organization, and therefore it must align with your corporate image and brand guidelines.

Defined together with you

We detect needs and program made to measure solutions to cater for them. Our advice covers definition of the technical architecture as well as its integration into the software you already use, definition of the architecture of the information, so users can make optimum use of it. We help the members of your organisation by creating simple interfaces using understandable terminology.

Integrated into your tools

We often integrate our intranets into the active directory systems of the company or organization, so that access to personalised content is very simple. We can also integrate existing tools, whether they are office tools or the installation of other systems, services and repositories you already use every day. In this case, the intranet becomes a rationalising and unifying work tool.

  • Accessible from any device

    If you decide that your organisation is to be open, you will be able to visit it from any device, because our intranets are designed in such a way that they adapt to any mobile device and always offer the best user experience.

  • Customisable by the user

    This personalisation will produce a closer and more useful work tool for each member of your organization.

  • With social functions to promote collaboration

    Status updates, profiles, notifications, comments, monitoring... Social networks are ever more commonly used in business environment by the most advanced organisations, following the trends of so-called Enterprise Social Networks (ESN).

  • Always ready to grow

    Being built with web technology makes them very flexible and scalable, adding new features, tools and contents. The intranet will be able to grow as your organisation grows.

  • An intranet adapted to your organisation, without closed systems

    The intranet and its programming should be adapted to the unique characteristics of your company or institution and not the other way around, as is proposed by other more closed or more standard solutions that are available on the market.

  • Agile and simple content management

    All the intranets we build have a robust and versatile content management system, allowing agile content maintenance and efficient task management. Anyone will be able to create and manage content.

No licences to be paid by the user

We do not charge the user any fee or any type of licence. Our intranets are based on open source technology and you will only pay for the development of the project. A single charge, regardless of the number of users.

Tested and guaranteed

Many companies and organisations have entrusted Can Antaviana to build their intranets. Our solutions have been tested for years and help many people work better every day.

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