Project labs

As part of a competitive and fast-paced industry, we at Antaviana continually evolve the way we work and how we use new programming methodologies and technology. Our Project Labs is a department within Antaviana that supports and encourages the development of problem solving applications as well as experimentation with new technologies in a new and innovative way. Most of the projects developed within the Project Labs department are non-profit platforms although in some cases we need to open them up to sponsoring options due to the amount of resources and maintenance they require to keep evolving.

Some of the main areas that Project Labs cover are:

Experimental design

Advanced search methodologies

Integrations with APIs, AWS services, Google Compute Engine, open source libraries, and more

Optimization processes

New programming techniques

Experimentation with emerging technologes

How do Antaviana clients benefit from Project Labs?

By continuously exploring new techniques we gain an invaluable insight that we can then apply to all our day to day projects we are developing for our clients, providing a new source of innovation that is fully tested and help our clients directly benefit from. In short, it helps us build more efficient, powerful and advanced projects for our customers.

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