Isofred - Industrial Refrigeration

Client: Isofred - Industrial Refrigeration
Project: Wine label design + Celebration card

Isofred S.L. celebrates twenty-five years as an installation company specializing in industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and controlled atmosphere. Established in Lleida, Isofred S.L. was founded in 1998 on knowledge of refrigeration dating back to the seventies.


At Can Antaviana we were in charge of the design of the wine label for the celebration of Isofred's 25th anniversary, as well as the design of the card that all the guests received to invite them to assist at the event.

Conceptually, the label design plays with the composition of a set of ornaments that build a snowflake in the central part. The shape of these ornaments is reminiscent of the ice stalactites that form when water freezes at low temperatures, thus conveying the sensation of cold that represents the brand.