Celler Matallonga

Client: Celler Matallonga
Project: Wine label K-Tharsis

The Matallonga winery, located in Fulleda, in the upper part of the Garrigues, has always moved professionally with the criterion of proximity. And in this sense, for some time we have been in charge of the design of the labels of their fantastic wines, which we could divide into two periods. In the first commissions we designed rather dark labels, with colored illustrations of elements that could be combined with the liquid they contained. Thus, greens and golds went with the whites, and maroon and reddish tones with the rosés and reds.

K-tharsis - Celler Matallonga

The latest labels, and starting with the launch of K-Tharsis, its cabernet franc wine, have taken a turn both typographically and conceptually: we have moved to straighter and more forceful, very clean typefaces on white labels, and where the Matallonga cistern, in a drone-like aerial view, plays a prominent role on this and other labels. A whiter, more sober, cleaner label, with subtle touches of color that, as it is implemented in the other wines, helps to configure a well-recognizable image of the winery.