Typography is a basic element for the corporate identity of an organization.

Having exclusive typography will give you singularity and exclusivity.

Josep Patau

Josep Patau is a member of our team, he is an acknowledged type designer with a long experience, winner of the Laus typography award, promoter of the website unostiposduros.com and creator of more than 50 typefaces, some considered to be among the best in the rankings drawn up by experts.

We have created fonts in all styles: Roman, serif, decorative and manuscript.

All your fonts will have an extensive character set, including a wide range of languages based on Latin and Cyrillic, as well as abundant OpenType functionalities.

Tipo Pèpel

All the fonts created by Josep Patau are at your disposal in Can Antaviana´s font shop, Tipo Pèpel.

Exclusive fonts

A custom-made font can be used in a wide range of graphic projects. An organization can even order the creation of an exclusive font for its corporate image, to transmit its values.

Typographic advice

We can offer advice on any issue related to typography. From the use of digital typography to issues related to typography licences or combination and search for the best fonts.